Barren Ground Grizzly Bear

These hunts take place from late April until mid May. Because central barren ground grizzly hunts take place in the spring, just after the bears have come out of their dens, the coat is excellent, and the claws are long and sharp. These hunts are conducted by snowmobile. 

Because the Arctic tundra and lakes are still frozen at this time and because of the long daylight hours, clients have exceptional hunting opportunities to bag this rophy. 

These animals travel far and wide so one has to be prepared to cover many miles by snowmobile in search of a trophy. Travel by snowmobile or sled may be quite challenging if there is a lack of snow cover on the ground.

We cannot emphasize enough that traveling over the snow by snowmobile is most often physically very demanding. It is very important that the clietn is able to endure long hours in cold weather while traveling over hard snowdrifts.